11 Liquors in Straight Corn

Name Price Size Proof
Black Button Distill Moonshine $19.99 750mL 100
George Dickel White $23.99 750mL 91
Hatfield & Mccoy Drink Devil $26.20 750mL 90
Jim Beam Jacob'S Ghost $22.99 750mL 80
Jim Beam Jacob'S Ghost $12.99 375mL 80
Jim Beam Jacob'S Ghost Pl $0.94 50mL 80
Lazy Guy Kennesaw Lightning $30.34 750mL 100
Lazy Guy The General $32.96 750mL 151
Mellow Corn Bottled In Bond $12.99 750mL 100
Palmetto Moonshine $19.99 750mL 105
Platte Valley Corn Whiskey $21.96 750mL 80

About the Liquor List

In Michigan, liquor license holders are allowed to charge more than the minimum retail shelf price which is set by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. However, they may not charge a lower price than the minimum shelf price.