10 Liquors in Sloe Gin

Name Price Size Proof
Arrow Sloe Gin Berry $7.29 750mL 30
Arrow Sloe Gin Berry $8.29 1000mL 30
Arrow Sloe Gin-30 $7.29 750mL 30
Arrow Sloe Gin-30 $8.29 1000mL 30
Boulaine Sloe Gin $6.25 1000mL 30
Dekuyper Sloe Gin $6.99 750mL 40
Haymans Sloe Gin $25.25 750mL 52
Mr. Boston Sloe Gin $5.99 1000mL 60
Plymouth Sloe Gin $36.99 750mL 52
Sipsmith Sloe Gin $44.99 750mL 58

About the Liquor List

In Michigan, liquor license holders are allowed to charge more than the minimum retail shelf price which is set by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. However, they may not charge a lower price than the minimum shelf price.